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United States

Fantastic Tour of Egypt

Soul of Egypt Travel was went above and beyond what I could have ever imagined. They were incredibly welcoming, warm, and fun. They thought of everything and were always prepared. Our guides were very knowledgeable about history, archeology, and mythology. Our entire group learned more than we thought we could.

Soul of Egypt beat our expectations and would definitely recommend to anyone traveling to Egypt.


Tour date: December 2019 / Visited Egypt

Superb Tour for Megalithomania group.

Amro and his team are excellent. They managed a tour for Megalithomania consisting of 23 guests and everything was perfect and first class in every detail.


Tour date: November 2019 / Visited Egypt

Hugh Newman

United States


Los Angeles, California

A Heart Opening Magical Journey…I Felt I Was Home!

My best friend and I had already booked our tickets to Cairo on a spur of the moment. I’m usually a big ‘planner’, but I didn’t have much time to research all the itinerary details for the rest of our visit, like I would usually do. I knew we would be interested in seeing a few main sites: the Pyramids in Giza, Karnak Temple in Luxor, the Temple of Isis in Aswan and of course a dreamy cruise on the Nile, but I hadn’t thought of where else to go


Tour date: February 2019 / Visited Egypt

Nancy Joy 

United States

Every journey is unique and unfolds the awakening in divine alignment with each soul as they take the journey. Catch the Magic yourself.

Amro’s Spiritual awareness and his love of Egypt all well as Mother Egypt herself are transformative for everyone who takes the leap and moves into the experience with no expectations and an open heart. I have seen tears flow, hearts crack open, lives change and consciousness expand. It is more about the heart that always comes together as Amro holds open the energetic doors for incredible interactions with the ancients and the group and each individual. 


Tour date: 9 November 2018 / Visited Egypt

His obvious love of his country and its importance in global history all contribute to a journey of a lifetime.

Being guided through Egypt by Amro, is like stepping centuries back in history. His deep knowledge, his capacity to display and explain


Tour date: 15 October 2017 / Visited Egypt

Pat Jackson 

United States

Kath Slinger 

United States

Inspiring me to change career and study Egyptology!

My first trip to Egypt was a Nile Cruise with my mum. We were met by our wonderful guide Amro, who explained all the main temples and tombs between Luxor and Aswan. Amro is a passionate, knowledgable and experienced guide who really made Egypt come alive for us


Tour date: 15 October 2017 / Visited Egypt

Rosie McGowan 

United States

Amro brings a level of depth and heart to the entire trip and opens a world to his guests that comes from deep in his soul.

Everything about Soul Of Egypt! The graciousness of the entire staff, the way every single detail of our trip was expertly planned, the beautiful accommodations they arranged for us, the amazing food, our epic private cruise and Amro’s incredible passion and expertise when he shares about the sites. His knowledge goes far beyond what’s written in text books.


Tour date: 21 October 2018 / Visited Egypt

Our group experienced a life changing trip!!

As Amro inspired each one of us with all sorts of different angles to look at Egypt. His knowledge is incredible, however, our group was highly spiritual and he described the temples in a spiritual context that deepened our experience. On top of this, every single detail was handled and we could sit back and enjoy. I would never go to Egypt without Amro as my tour guide!



Tour date: 22 October 2018 / Visited Egypt

Catherine Board

United States

Malcolm Calcutt 

United States

Having a qualified person at hands means great understanding of what you are seeing as you go.

Have prior contact with Amro a couple of years back as an Egyptologist on tour I was on. It was then a no brainer to choose Amro for a one on one guided tour of both Luxor and Cairo. He will tailor make a tour to suit your wants or put together a smorgasbord of things to enjoy.

Tour date: 12 October 2017 / Visited Egypt and Jordan

Shelle Elizabeth 

United States

HIGHLY recommend Amro and Soul of Egypt Travel!

I’ve been to Egypt three times with Amro and am preparing for the fourth! Amro has been sensational… bright, warm and friendly with guests… topped with an incredible sense of humor! He also anticipates our every need… knowing what we want before we even do

Amro is an incredible Egyptologist… and has his way with the guards to get us into places that others can’t. They obviously respect him.


Tour date: 5 October 2017 / Visited Egypt

We got to experience the real Egyptian people folklore and all the warmth of their hearts!!

I had the most amazing experience traveling through Egypt with a group of people coming from the USA, London and Mexico. We wanted to know about ancient Egypt as well as modern Egypt. We wanted to have a fun experience but also a very spiritual/mystical one. Amro Mounir as well as all the staff of Soul Of Egypt Travel excel at making it possible!! Thank you for your excellent service, you made all the transitions seem less. Also special gratitude to Amro for his dedication and all the passion that he puts into his work.




Tour date: 19 October 2018 / Visited Egypt

Cristina Puga

United States