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Angela Starick

Angela is also qualified as a body worker which involves technique’s that work with the body to promote awareness of the mind-body and the body-mind connection through manipulative therapy, breath work, clearing energy blocks and energy medicine that manipulate and clear the “energy field” surrounding the human body affecting health and well-being

Angela has been an avid and courageous traveller since her early 20’s, where her interest for exploring and travelling the unknown was fully realized.  With an early calling to Egypt and Africa thwarted, Angela donned a back pack and travelled around Europe and the UK for an extended period of time – meeting people from all over the world.

With the excitement of travel ignited, Angela has continued to travel across many continents – experiences abound, and feels the most important facet of travelling is to immerse yourself in the energy of a country and its people, to fully understand and appreciate their history, culture and lifestyle.

Personifying a passion for the many benefits of travel, Angela introduced her children at a young age to the life-altering experience with a trip around Australia’s top-end – 4-months in total, introducing them to the joy of a multitude of coastal regions, outback traversing (with a camper trailer and no electronic devices) – in WA and the NT; experiencing numerous activities – swimming with the Whale Sharks, trekking through canons, walking amongst freshwater crocodiles, visiting indigenous communities – in both Darwin and Alice Springs,  and camping with little to no amenities.  Angela first travelled Australia at the age of 16 leaving home with a friend, ‘heading off into the sunset’, to work in fruit regions to earn money to move to the next place.  Her first taste of the freedom experienced when one travels to a place unknown!

Travel has guided Angela back to herself bit-by-bit – Angela’s story is a little unique; adopted as an infant, Angela has always had a strong desire to tap into who she is and where she comes from, all in the pursuit of developing a greater sense of self, with travel the tool of choice!  Angela believes that travelling out of your environment free from the expectations of others and the mundane of day-to-day life allows one the opportunity to feel a greater sense of who they truly are – to find more of the real you.  We are often put in a box by family and friends that is very hard to break and it takes courage to be who we truly are, and who we want to be!

Over the years Angela has pursued multiple and varied endeavours which have all led to this point in her life; she is now living the dream and managing and guiding life-affirming and exhilarating tours, across the globe.  Angela is a qualified Naturopath, masseuse, Real Estate Agent, Building Consultant and Property Developer giving her many years of experience both in a caring and professional capacity – a high achiever in whichever path she chooses to journey.

Travel has always been in Angela’s heart and she credits it as the instrumental companion to self-actualisation and life manifestation.  Get on board, the journey is just about to begin.

Countries travelled:

 America Bermuda England Ireland Jordan Spain UK
Australia China Egypt Italy New Zealand Switzerland Vanuatu
Austria Canada France Indonesia Scotland Thailand Vietnam
Amsterdam  Czeck Rep  Germany

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