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Amro Mounir Egyptologist Tour Guide and Travel Agent
Amro is a native of Cairo and is best known for his passion, humor, and dedication to finding and
living the ‘truth’ which he aspires to on a daily basis. As a youngster, he had an interest in
studying political science; driven by a desire to have a positive influence on the future and direction
of Egypt. However his direction changed and he chose his initial studies in Egyptology, graduating in
1996 with a degree with Honors, and so his journey began…
Amro’s love of Egypt and Egyptology shines through at all times and is a central part of who he is;
Amro loves nothing more than to share his deep love for Egypt, the ancient culture, and its mysticism
sharing his own theories about ancient history and how it varies from literature. He believes we are
all of the same reality and by bridging the gap between cultures that being the East and West we
can reach a meeting point through our mutual links to the history of civilization itself.
Amro has successfully guided many groups since graduating, from the single traveler to large
groups, all over Egypt including Ambassadors from other countries; chosen due to his passion and
exceptional knowledge of Ancient Egypt and the sites visited. Amro is a likable person who cares
about people and takes particular care of the groups that travel with him.
Amro Mounir is a profoundly beautiful soul with whom you can get a profound connection which
could change your life. He is a fantastic guide with a special understanding of people’s needs
and how to ensure that the journey for each person is individual whilst being amongst the group.
Everyone who meets Amro loves his energy and funny disposition, just as you will!!!

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